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Is your senior care community being held hostage by 25 year old technology? Enlist in the War on Pagers and fight back with RCare Mobile!
We’ve seen up close how frustrated caregiving staff have become with their pager systems. Pagers don’t convey much information about a potentially urgent problem, and don’t allow for two-way communication. Where is the problem? What should I bring? How urgent is it? Pagers must be eliminated. They must be stopped at all costs. They disadvantage the administration and staff. And they’re detrimental to residents who deserve better care.
Myron Kowal

CEO, Response Care

The War on Pagers


The war of liberation has begun. Senior housing communities will no longer be held captive by outdated communication technologies. RCare has declared war on pagers.

The Battlefront


Sharing the hopes and dreams of administrators and nursing staff everywhere, RCare has declared war against pagers in senior housing.

A leader in the industry, RCare’s Commander in Chief, Myron Kowal, is embarking on a bold campaign to save senior housing from archaic pager systems. This has become a threat to the security and efficacy of nurse call systems throughout the world.

Kowal and his team have a comprehensive strategy to win the war on pagers. He is determined to replace these obsolete and obtrusive pagers with sleek, modern and efficient RCare Mobile handsets.

Upgrade your arsenal with RCare Mobile!

How else can RCare can help you in the war against pagers?

War on Pagers in Video

Alternative Uses for Pagers


With RCare Mobile™ you’ll no longer want to use pagers in your facility. But what are you going to do with all those extra pagers? Take a look at some of these clever ideas to make this outdated technology useful again! Number 4 may surprise you…

Pictures from the Front


We’ve enlisted an army to help us fight the scourge of pagers! Okay, maybe it’s more like a bunch of toy soldiers. But they are fighting for us on the front, ensuring the world is safe from outdated technology. Take a look at a few of their action photos.

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