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Pioneer Network Annual Conference

RCare is going to the Pioneer Network annual conference later this month, and we’re extra excited this year. Why? Because this year’s focus is one of our favorite subjects: individual culture change. Nobody — caregiving staff or residents — wants their senior living community to be impersonal and institutional. We can all agree that we want a warmer, more home-like environment for each and every person. But how do you achieve it? We’re here to show how Person-Directed Culture Change can be done, the RCare Way.  

The forward-thinking Pioneer Network conference showcases all kinds of innovative best practices in the long-term care culture change movement. More than one thousand people will gather to learn, network, and inspire each other. And all of them care deeply about changing the culture of senior living.

This years theme, “Be the Future,” puts the focus on personal choice, dignity, and respect. These, as we know, are the hallmarks of self-determination and purposeful living. At RCare, these same values underlie everything we do and every product we design.

“We use the RCare system to ensure that the residents get the care and services they need at the time they need it, or as rapidly as they need it. It’s helped with accountability. It’s helped with efficiency. It’s really helped in terms of caregiver burnout. And it’s helped in terms of resident satisfaction and safety.”
– Janelle Zacho, Director of Nursing at Columbia Healthcare Center



Do you want your residents to retain their independence, and move freely throughout your facility, while staying safe? Check out our GeoPendant. You can custom-define the safe zones for any resident, and receive discreet alerts if the resident moves outside the zone. You can pinpoint their location and help them if they need it. Keep them safe and independent. It makes a difference.

Do you want to assure your residents and their families that calls are responded to quickly? Check out our RMetrix Reporting Package, integrated into every system we make. Supervisors can see data on response times by shift, by group and by person, to let you know how you’re doing, see patterns, and know where improvements can be made. It’s good for the care staff. And it contributes to the safety and satisfaction of the residents. It makes a difference.



Do you want to protect your residents privacy? With the RPhone, your staff have the best communication tools available. They’ll use locked-down smartphones to coordinate with each other, communicate with the resident, get more information, and reassure them. The system gives your staff complete information about the resident before they answer the call. You can minimize duplication of effort and ensure that no calls go unanswered with the “I got it” feature. And best of all, there is no access to the internet or social media, no cameras. It protects your your facility from the risk of privacy violations. It preserves your residents’ dignity. It makes a difference.

RCare can help you achieve positive changes in senior living. Come see us during the conference. We’d love to hear your ideas.

2017 Pioneer Network Conference
July, 30 – August 2, 2017
Hyatt Regency O’Hare
Rosemont, IL
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