Enterprise Nurse Call System
Enterprise Nurse Call System

The RCube is our flagship nurse call technology solution certified with UL 1069 and UL 2560 standards. This Linux-based server is designed for any size facility with unlimited beds and unlimited devices. The RCube is always on and always listening to a wide variety of wired and wireless emergency transmitter devices, pendants and sensors placed throughout your community. Administrators can choose how, when, and which caregivers will receive alerts. When an alert is triggered, designated caregivers can be notified by email, text, page, phone call, etc. You can track response times and billable services and download reports/analytics to provide better care.


Rugged, Durable, Comprehensive System

The UL 1069 Edition 7 and UL 2560 certified RCube is built to last using industry best practices.

Big-Time Reports and Enterprise Metrics

Get every piece of information about your communities that you need delivered right to your computer from the RCube.

Powerful RF Wireless Emergency Transmitters

From bedside pull cords to wearable pendants, the RCube can receive wireless signals from a wide variety of transmitters for almost any need.

Passive Monitoring and Environmental Devices

The RCube can connect to various remote monitoring sensors from activity sensing devices to floor pressure mats to bed/chair mats, to temperature devices to water detection sensors.

Extensive Caregiver Tools

Using the RCube’s enhanced two-way response time communication, caregiver and resident service activity tracking and advanced reporting features, senior housing staff can be more efficient, effective and better prepared.

Extended Functionality with Integrations

The RCube’s powerful and flexible platform allows RCare to quickly integrate and extend 3rd party offerings.

RCube Upgrade Options

Customize to the needs of your campus


The voice-to-voice communication upgrade (a.k.a. the VCube) allows caregivers to remotely speak with residents in their rooms. Paired with the In-Room Communicator (D3900), it provides residents and caregivers one-to-one communication and the shared assurance that the call is handled in a timely and efficient fashion. On the caregiver side, voice functionality can be integrated with analog phones, digital phones, and IP phones. (Additional hardware may be required)

RPhone Support Powered by RCare Mobile

This upgrade (a.k.a. the MCube) unlocks the RPhone for your nurse call system. The RPhone, powered by RCare Mobile, utilizes a new proprietary, locked-down mobile handset through which caregivers receive alerts as well as detailed resident information and location. The RPhone allows voice and secure text communications with other staff and includes the “I Got It” button, letting other staff know who is responding to the call. The RPhones are designed so care responders can check in and out of the point of care. That means the system can automatically track the time spent providing services. The care responders log the services performed and any care notes at the time of care, not later at their station where they may forget the details of the visit. (Requires HD-Cube platform)

Platform Options

Choose the hardware platform that works for your needs and budget
The RCube is available in several form factors to best suit your installation and redundancy requirements. Your RCare distributor will determine the best fit for your needs.


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