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Best Healthcare Mobile App
Winner of Mobile Star Awards for

Healthcare Mobile Innovation

RCare Mobile has been recognized as “Best Healthcare Mobile Innovation App” of 2018 in the 17th annual Mobile Star Awards™ program.
RCare Mobile is a powerful alert notification caregiving tool designed for on-the-go senior housing staff and caregivers.
Available for iOS or Android, the RCare Mobile app makes caregiving more responsive and prepared by providing realtime alerts along with detailed resident information.
Secure voice and text messaging communications, between staff and directly to residents, helps caregivers to seamlessly and efficiently provide care. The “I Got It” feature allows staff to claim calls to eliminate duplication, and ensure all calls are answered. This also increases accountability, reduces alarm fatigue and ensures work–flow transparency. Caregivers are prompted to check in at point-of-care using NFC technology to track services performed, ideal for administrative staffing and billing.
Caregiver App


I Got It Feature

The I Got It button lets your staff claim each call, ensuring every call is answered. All caregivers can see which calls have been claimed, and by whom, preventing wasted time and duplication of effort. The alarm stops when the call has been claimed, reducing alarm fatigue.

Voice-to-Voice Communication Power

The RCare Mobile app provides the communication power of a smartphone, but in a secure and encrypted manner. Caregivers can speak with residents to understand the situation and reassure that help is on the way. Staff can easily message or speak with one another to coordinate care or request backup assistance.

Record Activities of Daily Living

Caregivers log services at the point of care. The system automatically tracks the time spent providing services, improving reporting and billing accuracy.

Contact Tracing Capable

In the event of infection there is no time to waste. The contact tracing feature will allow communities to quickly and easily determine which residents caregivers have been in contact with, on what days, and for how long.

Advanced Locating Protocol

When a call comes in, time is of the essence. With ALP, the RCare Mobile app tells you the exact location and floor where the alert was pressed, even for mobile pendants. Respond to the right place, at the right time, right away.

Integrated with PointClickCare

For communities using the PointClickCare EHR, RCare provides additional efficiencies. Find out more.

Available for Android and iOS.
Mobile App For Caregivers

RCare Mobile Tracks:

  • Which caregiver(s) were notified of the incident
  • Which caregiver(s) acknowledged receipt of the message
  • Which caregiver entered the resident’s room
  • How long the caregiver was in the resident’s room
  • The services the caregiver performed
  • Caregiver’s notes

Introducing the Durable, Rugged RPhone powered by RCare Mobile

The Rugged RPhone puts the communication power of a smartphone in the hands of your caregivers, but without the HIPAA risks and distractions of personal cell phones. And, it’s drop-proof, water-proof and designed for even the most active staff members. The Rugged RPhone is built to be damage resistant; even in extreme conditions.

The Rugged RPhone is a durable and weather-proof caregiver smartphone, with a longer battery life, designed to stand up to the roughest treatment.

  •       Water-proof
  •       Weather-proof
  •       Drop-proof
  •       Equipped with a hook for a lanyard or wrist strap

The locked-down, HIPAA-compliant Rugged RPhone comes pre-configured with only the RCare Mobile app. Other apps, including social media, outside communications and camera features have been disabled for accountability and security. Detailed resident information and location is only available through your internal network, and with an authorized log-in. It does not function off-campus.

RCare Rugged RPhone

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