Rapid Deployment Wireless Nurse Call Kit

Are You Ready for Round 2?

RCare’s Rapid Deployment Kit will help you meet the crisis.
Nurse call system

Are You Ready for Round 2?

RCare’s Rapid Deployment Kit will help you meet the crisis.

The pandemic has already created a sudden and unprecedented need for expanded hospital capacity. Makeshift hospitals in tents, convention centers and other nontraditional settings need to provide high-quality care to seriously ill patients. Experts warn us that after we reopen our economy and businesses, we can expect a resurgence in COVID-19 cases. Are you ready?

A proven solution, field-tested and ready

RCare is on the frontlines, providing reliable nurse call communications, to ensure the best care, in any setting. RCare’s Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK) is an easily installed, reliable, wireless nurse call system in a box.

Rapid Deployment Kits are affordable, easy to deploy, and arrive fully programmed. They’re designed to work reliably, inside or outside of traditional hospital settings to provide communications between patient and caregiver and between equipment and caregiver.

More than that, they are fully field tested by recent and current deployments.

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Who is using RCare’s Rapid Deployment Kits?


  • TCF Center (Detroit)
  • SUNY Stony Brook
  • Boston Medical Center
  • Worcester Convention Ctr.
  • Auburn Memorial Hospital
  • Upstate Medical (Syracuse, NY)
  • St. Mary’s (Rochester, NY)
  • Elmhurst Hospital (NYC)
  • Houston Methodist
  • Rochester Regional Health
  • Sheraton Hospital (CO)
  • VA Overton Brooks (TX)
  • Samaritan Medical Center
  • Columbus Hospital (NYC)

The plug-and-play system is preprogrammed by our expert technicians and ready to be used right out of the box.

RCare’s Rapid Deployment Wireless Nurse Call Kit includes one small touchscreen server, one pendant for each resident or patient, and four pagers. Only one internet connection is needed. No landlines are required.

The kit is fully programmed for up to 40 patients and 4 caregivers. Expansion kits are available.

Patient beds are outfitted with clip-on placards that correspond to patient call buttons, so caregivers know which patients are calling. RCare’s G4 platform provides best-in-class range to cover even the largest of campuses and deepen building penetration. UL 1069 version is available.

Wireless nurse call system

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