PointClickCare Integration

RCare nurse call systems integrate with PointClickCare



RCare was the first nurse call platform to integrate with PointClickCare.
Many communities already use PointClickCare, the largest EHR in long-term care. With the RCare-PointClickCare integration, your staff can spend less time with data entry and more time offering hands-on care for your residents.

What is RCare-PointClickCare Integration?

RCare’s PointClickCare integration allows resident and room information to be seamlessly synchronized between PointClickCare and RCare systems. Enter the data only once. The PointClickCare platform synchronizes with RCare when residents are admitted, discharged, or transferred, ensuring better staff coordination and efficiency. By automating this process, caregivers and administrators can be confident that the latest room information doesn’t need to be double checked. It is already in RCare, and free from data entry errors.
RCare Mobile logs time spent on response calls, caregiver and resident interactions, and other pertinent details for PointClickCare billing.

RCare is one of the only nurse call systems that has secured HIPAA compliance, verifying that patient data is private, protected and secure. This is critical when working in conjunction with any sort of patient health information.

RCare's PointClickCare integration is now available on the PCC Marketplace

Now available on the PointClickCare Marketplace.

RCare gives you the best, most accurate information when you’re responding to a call. Now it also streamlines administrative work for your staff, who only need to enter data once.

PCC Integration FAQ

Q: What is the RCare - PointClickCare integration?

A: RCare’s PointClickCare integration allows for resident and room information to be seamlessly synchronized between PointClickCare and RCare systems. With this integration enabled, users enter data only once. RCare receives instant updates from the PointClickCare system with resident/room information. As residents are admitted, transferred, and discharged through PointClickCare, the associated rooms on the RCare nurse call system are kept up to date.

Q: How is this integration beneficial?


  1. Increase Staff efficiency by eliminating duplicate, time-consuming data entry as residents are admitted, discharged, or transfer in and out of rooms.
  2. Caregivers can do what they do best: provide hands on care to residents.
  3. Reduce Staff Errors: With the synchronized data, it eliminates multiple manual data entries and entry errors and improves accuracy
  4. Personalized Reporting & Notifications:, rather than simply referring to rooms. Since the staff will receive notifications with the residents’ real names, they will have a stronger personal connection and more easily identify with their trends and needs.

Q: Is there any technical setup needed for the integration?

A: No. The PointClickCare and RCare components of the integration are fully complete and have passed the PointClickCare certification program. They use RCare’s existing  infrastructure for remote support for communication. Once the integration is enabled for both RCare and PointClickCare, it will begin synchronizing.

Q: What happens when a resident transfers out of a room?

A: When a resident is transferred out of a room, the name on the associated account in the RCare system is changed to Vacant and the PointClickCare ID is removed from the account. All devices and account settings are retained, so they do not have to be set up again when another resident is transferred into the room.

Q: Does a room going “vacant” disable the alerts / devices for that room?

A: No. All functionality for a room remains enabled when it goes vacant. It is also recommended that facilities do not disable any components by hand for Vacant rooms, as the room will become occupied automatically when a new resident is transferred into the room in PointClickCare. If the devices were disabled, it could be problematic if the staff forgets to enable devices in the account with the new resident.

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