Inovonics Integration

RCare Integration With Inovonics Products

RCare integrates with Inovonics products

Incorporate new or existing Inovonics transmitters with your RCare solutions.

New clients benefit from an even wider selection of hardware choices to suit their community’s needs. Communities with existing Inovonics installations enjoy cost savings by adding modern features from RCare’s nurse call platform, without needing to replace current Inovonics transmitters. Clients can benefit from a hybrid technology platform, or slowly integrate or implement new technologies over time.

RCare Integration With Old Inovonics Products

Choose the best fit for your community


  • An upgrade to RCare’s state-of-the-art nurse call system using your existing Inovonics hardware
  • A new Inovonics installation
  • A hybrid system

RCare can ease you into the most modern, reliable and upgraded capabilities of our nurse call and remote monitoring system, using your existing hardware investments. Not only will this save you money up front, but you’ll save with RCare for the lifetime of the system.

Savings Up Front

  • RCare allows you to save money by using your existing Inovonics hardware – no need to replace your transmitters.


Savings Over Time

  • No hidden update fees. RCare’s software updates are always included as part of your site license, for the entire life of your system.
  • No licensing fees for transmitters. RCare now sells Inovonics products, but we never charge licensing fees for resident transmitters, no matter where you get them.
  • No massive service contracts. With RCare’s sensible support policies, you save money and reduce the total cost to own and operate your nurse call system.
RCare Integration With New Inovonics Products

RCare BCube Plus

RCare is now an authorized reseller of Inovonics products for new & existing call system installations.

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