HCube - Nurse Call for Affordable Housing

RCare’s HCube offers the critical capabilities of RCare’s flagship wireless nurse call technologies, for a fraction of the cost. It is designed for providers of affordable housing for low-income seniors.

Cost Advantages

  • Low cost of entry
  • Minimal hardware to maintain
  • Nominal ongoing fees
  • Only one internet connection required
  • No landlines

How it Works

When a resident presses the pendant, the RCare touch-panel will immediately alert an offsite call center. These operators will assess the situation directly and determine next steps. Daily resident check-ins can be scheduled to assess individual resident well-being or send an alert if a follow up is necessary. RCare’s HCube for Affordable Housing: Providing modern technologies for those who need it most, at an affordable cost.

Hardware Needed
Installation is simple!

  • 1 small, wall-based touchscreen server per community
  • 1 pendant or pull cord for each resident
  • 1 internet connection in the community required (an existing internet connection is sufficient)

No landlines are required.

“RCare’s HCube is another way to stay true to our mission of improving the lives of all seniors, regardless of financial status. RCare has innovated a modern-day emergency response solution for those truly in need.” Myron Kowal Founder and CEO of RCare

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