Establish personalized safe zones for safety and independence.

People don’t go from living fully independently to needing a secure memory care setting overnight. The time between one and the other can result in “mixed” communities: those who are fully independent alongside those who are beginning to require more care.

How do you provide that support in an open environment? RCare’s GeoPendant is part of that solution.

The GeoPendant functions as a Personal Emergency Response System. Pushing the button on the pendant will alert staff that the wearer needs help, and notify them of the pendant’s location. But it does even more. Each pendant can be programmed with a highly specific “safe zone.” If the wearer wanders outside of this zone, caregivers are discreetly alerted. This goes well beyond circular zoning. You can get right down to specific hallways and other areas in your facility that are on or off limits.

Emergency Pendant For Seniors

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