RCare’s Fourth Generation Nurse Call / PERS System

Your staff knows more, faster.  Your residents enjoy more freedom and more security.


Advanced Locating Protocol (ALP)


G4’s proprietary Advanced Locating Protocol (ALP) algorithms set the new state-of-the-art for location services. They provide unprecedented accuracy in pendant locating, including precision in determining elevation in multi-floor buildings.


Use Existing Transmitters


G4 is fully compatible with existing RCare transmitters. Move forward to the next generation without looking back.


Next-Gen Signal Processing


G4 boasts a 1000x increase in signal processing speed, providing longer range to cover even the largest of campuses and deeper building penetration to see everything.


Minimize False Alarms


By adding new full duplex communication features, G4’s digital signal verification double checks every incoming signal for validity. This verification system virtually eliminates false alarms.

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