Disaster Recovery Service

In your busy community, hardware failure could have critical consequences.

Peace of Mind

Floods, fires, storms, power surges and broken pipes – it’s important to be ready for the unexpected. Are you prepared?

If you experience a hardware failure, no matter what the cause, it could leave your community without the critical communications of your nurse call system. With our Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Service protecting your RCare nurse call system, you’ll know that your system will be back in service and protecting your residents  quickly and easily, no matter what.

What’s Included?

RCare’s Data Backup and Disaster Recovery service minimizes disruption of service and recovery costs. It combines data backup with hardware protection, and covers your RCare system if it experiences a hardware failure, no matter what the reason.

  • Guaranteed next business day shipping of a replacement RCare cube, pre-loaded and ready to swap in at no extra charge.
  • Weekly backup of system configuration data, so when the new hardware arrives, no device re-learning is required.
  • Secure offsite virtual storage and backup.
  • Variable pricing levels (12+ month commitment.)
  • No questions asked, no matter what. Everything is covered.
Disaster recovery service for nurse call system

Federal HIPAA and state regulations require that communities have a disaster recovery and data backup plan in place. RCare has made it easy and affordable.

Are you prepared?

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