Central Station Monitoring

You’ll never miss a call when you have the proper backup.

With the integration of RCare’s central station monitoring into your nurse call system, you can be sure that every call is answered.

  • Prevent unanswered calls during high-call-volume times.
  • Supplement lightly staffed shifts.
  • A back-up for residents with greater autonomy and independence.
Central Station Monitoring

Who benefits from Central Station Monitoring? 

From Independent Living, to Assisted Living, to Skilled Nursing, to Affordable Housing communities, Central Station Monitoring benefits every level of care. The integration with RCare’s nurse call system ensures that room-level information is routed immediately to someone who can help.

Why Add Central Station Monitoring to Your RCare System?

  • Cost-effective for a very low monthly fee
  • Customizable to fit your community’s protocols
  • Better quality of resident safety
  • Prevent missed calls

If your community experiences a tech emergency, RCare’s cellular failover backup means calls are received even during power and WiFi outages.

How does it work?

  • Depending on your pre-set protocols, the operator may first contact the resident to confirm that it isn’t a false alarm and that help is really needed. Once this has been determined, the operator will gather additional essential information before contacting emergency responders. 
  • Or, your protocol may call for a series of escalating calls to be made, e.g. first to the on-call staff, then to the facility director, then to family members, and finally to 911 (when needed). 
  • You might decide that any call that has not been answered by staff after a predefined period of time can be escalated to the central monitoring system
  • The call tree is completely customizable for your community, and within your community by hall, wing or even by resident.
  • No robocalls or computer logic. Every call is received by a trained person, following your protocols, and using good judgement, so calls don’t slip through the cracks.
Security Central

RCare has partnered with Security Central, a nationally licensed service provider with a track record for excellence and reliability. Security Central has been in business for 57 years. Their staff is available 24/7 to answer the phones, and based on the pre-set protocols for your community, to take appropriate action.

Central Station Monitoring Services

Emergencies happen and response time is critical. RCare’s integration with Security Central is a proven, cost-effective model to provide critical, life-saving services for your residents when it matters the most.

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