Step 2 - Select Features for CCRC

With multiple levels of care and many unique residents to care for, a CCRC needs a real total solution that can fit each level of care. See below which features you can utilize in a total campus RCare solution to care for all of your residents.

Easy-to-Use Reporting

Get every piece of information about your community that you need delivered right to your computer. These data can be broken down by resident, caregiver, shift, or level of care. Chart types include call volume, response times, activities performed and more. 

Pendant Locating

With Advanced Locating Protocol (ALP), anywhere a resident presses their pendant, your caregivers get the exact location of where they are, including floor.


Flexible Bedside Devices

Multiple call cord options mean that every resident gets the device that fits their unique needs and preferences.

Care Activity Tracking

Track the services your staff are providing. Whether it's basic care, medicine, or assistive services like housekeeping, you can get the data in the form you need for management decisions or billing.

Smoke Alarm Integration

In the case of a fire, get immediate notification where the fire is and notify the management staff quickly to resolve the issue.

Fall Management

Falls hurt everyone. Our unique fall monitoring options alert the right caregiver about fall incidents so they can address resident needs safely and quickly.


Water-Resistant Pull Cords

The most common call device, our pull cord is less obtrusive than many others, is completely water-resistant, and also includes a non-absorbent anti-bacterial cord.


Voice-to-Voice Communication

With our variety of in-room voice options, you can instantly give your residents a friendly human response when they need assistance. Two-way voice communication can call caregivers and staff on any variety of phones, including cell phones, desk phones, and RCare Mobile.

Building Maintenance Integrations

Make your building speak to you with Universal Transmitters letting you know when your generator is in fault, a refrigerator gets too warm, or a number of other building conditions. Notify the right staff for the particular issue so that it gets resolved immediately.

Wander Integration / Door Monitoring

RCare is integrated with Accutech™ Wander Systems. That means you get notified with both door and resident IDs, making responding easier than ever. Manage any door using features like Remote Reset and Time Schedules so you know who’s passing through which areas of your community.

Step 3 - Pick your Notification Options

In the next step you will select how you want to be notified about incidents with your RCare solution.

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