BCube Plus

The Best Little Nurse Call System
best nurse call system

All the features of our larger systems

  • Scaled for a smaller facility
  • With a smaller price tag
best nurse call system

All the features of our larger systems

  • Scaled for a smaller facility
  • With a smaller price tag
Nurse call system for assisted living

Small skilled nursing facilities are wonderful. Everybody knows your name and the community feels more like a family. The only problem? Good nurse call systems are designed for–and priced for–larger facilities.

Don’t worry, we got your back.

Introducing the BCube Plus. Made just for you.


  • Solid-state all-in-one touchscreen
  • Up to 168 beds and 4 nurse stations
  • Big-time reports – even enterprise metrics across multiple sites
  • Secure RPhone powered by RCare Mobile
  • 2-way communication and “I Got It”
  • Works with Dome Lights and Bedside Communicators
  • Night-transfer schedule capability
  • All-in-one Accutech wander management
  • Yes, it even integrates with old pagers
And much more!

BCube Plus

  • Better technology

  • Bigger value

  • Best fit for you

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BCube Plus Details

Simple nurse call system

Ease of Use

Technology is only effective if your staff can use it. The Cube interface has no hidden menus or options, and everything is spelled out in an easy to understand, straightforward manner. RCare also provides a full featured e-learning suite to train your staff.

RCare Mobile

RCare Mobile utilizes smartphone-like handsets through which caregivers receive alerts as well as detailed resident information and location. They allow voice and text communications with other staff including the “I Got It” button, letting other staff know who is responding to the call. Handsets are equipped with NFC chips allowing responders to check in and out of the point of care as well as document what services they performed. All of this gives care managers detailed reports on who is calling and when, who is responding and how long it takes to do so, what services are being performed and for how long. This kind of knowledge makes for easy staffing optimization and high efficiency across the community.
Mobile nurse call system


Each Cube provides a wide range of notification options. It interfaces easily with computers (Mac or PC), tablets, paging, radios, text messages, smartphones, handsets (analog, digital, and IP) as well as the central station. This provides your caregivers and administrators the flexibility to match the solution to your needs and processes, not vice-versa.

Remote Support

All Cubes come with the option for remote support. This enables support technicians to troubleshoot any system remotely, and saves time and money on service calls. This feature can also be used by the facility staff to check in on residents, run metrics reports, and search past incidents.

Access Anywhere

Once the Cube is on a network, any network-connected device can access it. From smartphones and iPads to ancient computers from 1993, if it's got a browser, you can access your Cube.


All of RCare's Cubes are built to last using industry best practices. From using a time-tested Linux operating system to installing RAID1 hard drive arrays to allow continued operation after hardware failure, reliability has been central to the Cube's design from day one. Couple that with centralized remote monitoring systems that allows RCare's techs to know about any issue that might arise and you have system that can simply work. 

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