RCare is a global provider of personal emergency response system and wireless nurse call systems for the entire spectrum of eldercare and senior living. RCare components integrate into a variety of healthcare communication systems to create efficient and verifiable responses to medical emergencies. RCare works together with distribution partners to build individualized, flexible and seamless systems to enhance both caregiving and resident quality of life.

Solution Components

Personal emergency response system

Base Station


Like the brain of a nervous system, the RCare’s Cube platforms are the center of the RCare solution. All signals from wireless devices are processed and acted upon by this hardened, military-grade, Linux-based computer. In addition to issuing a variety of notifications, the Cube also does reporting,  aggregating all data and providing it to your staff, securely, through any web browser anywhere in the world.

Emergency response system for seniors

Wireless Alerts


Wireless transmitters are where everything begins. A door has opened, a pendant has been pushed. Someone in your community needs attention. These devices are their voice. Reliable and easy-to-use, our transmitters ensure that the call for help goes out loud and clear–every time.

Personal emergency response system for seniors



Question: When someone in your community needs attention, what do your caregivers need to know? Answer: Everything. And with RCare nurse call systems and accessories, they can. Name and location, while essential, are not enough. For a first-rate care experience, staff need to know everything about the community member in question–right down to their photograph and personal interests.

Solution Features

Designed for 99% Uptime


It doesn’t matter how good your technology is if it isn’t up and running when you need it. The entire RCare solution–from the wireless transmitters to the hardened, military-grade receiver–is engineered to provide 99.99999% uptime. Guaranteed.

Access Anywhere From a Browser


The ability to access resident information at any time is no longer a luxury, it’s a requirement. The RCare solution can be accessed securely from anywhere using the browser on your PC, laptop, or mobile device.

Designed for Culture Change


RCare works behind the scenes with your staff to provide the safety residents need–without the clinical atmosphere they don’t. From attractive pendants and wearables to decorative room notification sconces, RCare provides the culture change to keep your residents safe and comfortable.

Built-in Staff Training


Technology can only help your residents if your staff can use it. RCare comes with a full featured e-learning suite to train your staff. They will learn how to use the solution through videos, written materials, and knowledge reviews all moderated on a web-based platform. Every new hire can be RCare certified before their first shift.

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