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Anyone can make push buttons and pull cords. RCare integrates with many widely used software and hardware systems to make your caregiver experience seamless, efficient and cost-effective. Leverage your current investments and make your RCare nurse call system even more powerful and effective. No need to monitor multiple systems. With RCare, it’s all integrated into one easy-to-use system.

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RCare Partnership

Integrations & Interoperability


Electronic health records and population management

This integration allows for resident and room information to be seamlessly synchronized between PointClickCare and RCare systems. The PointClickCare platform synchronizes with RCare when residents are admitted, discharged, or transferred. Data entry happens only once, ensuring better staff coordination and efficiency.


Wander Management

This integration is a low-cost wander system that provides resident ID, loiter and door-ajar monitoring, low tag battery as well as several other alerts. With the introduction of RCare integration, it is possible for communities to experience these capabilities directly from from RCare Mobile, the RPhone, or the RCare online platform.

Alexa Tell My Nurse Skill Integration

RCare has integrated an RCare skill right into Alexa for faster response and better care in senior housing communities. Now your residents can vocally request help without pressing a button, using the simple command: “Alexa, tell my nurse I need help.” Just like a pull cord or a push button, the voice command sends a call out to caregivers. Voice commands can be used for daily resident check-in as well.

Busy caregivers dealing with a crisis situation can now use voice commands to indicate the incident is being handled and stop caregiver devices from additional alerting. They can simply say “Alexa, tell my nurse to reset the call”. This allows the caregiver to keep their focus on the resident first.

More Integrations

Member Organizations

Interested in a partnership with RCare? Contact us here: 585-671-4144 or info@rcareinc.com

RCare can integrate with almost any platform with a robust and fully featured RESTful API. With the RCare Certified Integration program, integrators get access to the API documentation, a cloud-based test RCube instance, and technical support.

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