RCare Nurse Call Solutions

Advanced Nurse Call Solutions for Senior Living

Our mission is to improve the lives of seniors and those who care for them. That’s why we work hard to create the most innovative and user-friendly systems in the industry. RCare’s nurse call systems work for you, so your caregivers can be more efficient and more effective as they do the important work of keeping your residents safe, happy and healthy.

nurse call solutions

Find out how RCare can enhance your senior living facility.

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    No matter your size, your budget, or your requirements, RCare has a solution that fits you.

    Nurse call solutions for senior living


    • RCube – RCare’s flagship product, the RCube is at the heart of the nurse call solution. It’s UL 1069 and 2560 certified, durable and reliable.
    • BCube Plus – Scaled for smaller communities with smaller budgets, the BCube Plus has all the caregiving features of our larger systems, but with a smaller price tag.
    • HCube – For providers of affordable housing for low-income seniors, the HCube offers the critical capabilities for a fraction of the cost.
    • iCall – RCare’s full-IP wired nurse call system.

    Find out how RCare can enhance your senior living facility.

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      Advanced Reporting Features

      RCare’s reporting provides thorough, insightful, actionable data to help you:


      • Evaluate and analyze resident call data
      • Compare data across shifts, wings, buildings, and even across multiple campuses.
      • Optimize staffing and evaluate processes
      • Identify when resident care needs have changed
      • Set measurable, assessable quality and performance goals
      • Satisfy compliance reporting needs
      advanced nurse call solutions
      nurse call systems

      Integrations and Interoperability

      RCare integrates with many widely used software and hardware systems to make your caregiver experience seamless and efficient and to save you money. Leverage your current investments and make your RCare nurse call system even more powerful and effective. No need to monitor multiple systems. With RCare, it’s all integrated into one easy-to-use system.

      RCare integrates with:

      Mobile Caregiving

      RCare Mobile is an award-winning alert notification caregiving tool designed for on-the-go senior housing staff and caregivers. The RCare Mobile app makes caregiving more responsive and prepared.

      • Real-time alerts along with detailed resident information.
      • “I Got It” button that allows staff to claim calls, eliminating duplicate efforts, improving accountability, and ensuring all calls are answered
      • Point-of-care check-in, and ADL record-keeping for improved efficiencies and accuracy in billing
      • Secure voice and text messaging communications, between staff and directly to resident
      • Available for iOS or Android

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      RCare is more than just a call light system.

      It’s person-centered care at its finest.

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