Tech Tips for RCare: POs, RMAs, and Advance Replacements

Tech Tips for RCare Nurse Call Systems

Welcome to this month’s Tech Tips. Today’s tips are for distributors of RCare’s nurse call systems. This post highlights important information about Purchase Orders, RMAs, and Advance Replacements. Let’s dive deeper…

Purchase Orders

Were you aware that you can make a payment on an existing PO? You can just log into the distributor portal, then browse to the “Payment” page and enter the PO/Invoice number. This brings up an important point: every PO requires a unique PO/Invoice number to provide internal tracking, for payments and any possible future support or RMA needs. Substituting a name for a PO number should be avoided for the same reasons.


You no longer need to wait for our support team to manually assign you an RMA number. On the distributor portal, if you browse to the Contact page you can complete our online form for submitting an RMA. You will receive an automated response from our ticketing software that will include your unique RMA number, so you can prep your item for shipping without delay. Please remember to include the RMA number on the outside of the box!

Advance Replacements

Did you know that you MUST submit a PO before an Advance Replacement can be shipped? The faster we get the details, the faster we can get the replacement out the door to you. Please be aware that initially you will be invoiced for the full price of the Advance Replacement. Then credits will be issued, or invoices will be voided, once the RMA process is complete. Follow the guidance of the support team during the RMA process, who will help you maximize any possible credit.

About Tech Tips for RCare

Tech Tips for RCare is a blog series for our customers and distributors, highlighting our devices and informing you of best practices to enhance your business with all the features of RCare’s nurse call systems for assisted living. From troubleshooting and problem solving, to knowledge enhancements and suggestions, the purpose is to expand your skillset with our nurse call technology.

While the information shared here is current at the time of posting, please note that technology is always changing and improving, as it should! So for the latest information, or if you have questions, please contact your RCare Channel Manager.

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