RCare is hitting the road for a multi-city roadshow tour this spring. Each stop is a content-rich seminar, exclusive for RCare distributors.

These two-day seminars are a chance to take a deep dive into the ever-changing senior living industry and into RCare’s innovative and expanding product line. Understanding senior living communities and their needs is key to customizing a perfect solution, providing the latest features to help caregiving staff provide the highest level of care, while increasing efficiencies and the bottom line. RCare’s latest innovations also include solutions to help a broader cross-section of the market.

“We’ve been adding important functionality rapidly in the last few years, and that’s not going to stop anytime soon,” said RCare Founder and CEO Myron Kowal. “The roadshow is diving deep into our new technologies, best practices and latest integrations.”

RCare Roadshow Product TrainingWhat are some of RCare’s latest innovations?

RCare’s HCube for Affordable Housing is a system built and designed exclusively for affordable and subsidized senior housing. The HCube combines all of the critical capabilities of RCare’s flagship wireless nurse call technologies at a fraction of the cost. It features low cost of entry, minimal hardware to maintain, and nominal ongoing fees. It requires only one internet connection for the entire facility, and no landlines.

RCare has integrated with Inovonics, and is an authorized Inovonics reseller, providing clients with a new line of products. Communities that are already equipped with Inovonics sensors can incorporate their existing devices into a new RCare nurse call solution. It’s a great opportunity to upgrade to a feature-rich RCare solution, while leveraging their existing hardware investment for cost savings.

iCall is RCare’s new full-IP wired nurse call system. It brings all of RCare’s powerful features to a full-IP wired solution, which makes RCare’s nurse call solutions available for the first time to communities that require a wired system. Communities also have the option to integrate iCall with RCare’s wireless solutions, providing the flexibility to customize the best solution across the entire community.

RCare’s interoperability with other market leading systems, including electronic medical records, wander management, and even Alexa, has helped make life simpler for administrators and caregivers by reducing redundant data entry and reducing the number of systems to monitor.

“We had a record year last year, and there’s a reason. We make a good product that helps a lot of people. And we keep making it better. And educating our distributors is critical because we always expect them to offer the best possible solution to our clients,” said Kowal.