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Gen-4 Transition
This week’s tech bulletin will be to inform distributors that G3 Wireless Network Equipment will have an End of Life of January 1, 2020. This week’s tech bulletin will provide guidelines for what this means regarding service coverage as well as a few themes regarding how to transition an older G3 facility to G4.
No More sales of G3 wireless networking devices: 01/01/2020
No More sales of G3 transmitters: 01/01/2020 or Until Inventory Runs out
No More Troubleshooting/Support from RCare: 01/01/2021
What questions you’ll need to ask to complete a transition…
1) Will you be starting with a Hybrid System or straight to G4?
2) How much G4 equipment you’ll need?
3) Where is the existing G3 equipment (This will need to be removed to prevent interference)? If you do not have an up to date locator map or detailed descriptions in the locator description section, you will need to obtain this information.
4) What will it take to physical swap out old equipment?
5) Will I move to G4 Pendants as well?
6) Moving to ALP?
7) How much time will it take?
We will be releasing a detailed step by step guide to help distributors answer these questions, but this bulletin is an introduction to a task that will eventually be required across the board. We would like to provide as much information as we can to prepare for the inevitability of this change over.
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