RCare - PEAK Leadership Summit 2018

RCare - PEAK Leadership Summit - QAPI and RMetrixCoffee

Like all decision-makers, executives in non-profit CCRCs need good information to make informed decisions. This information can be about regulations, industry trends, or demographic shifts–pretty much any aspect of business. But having good, up-to-date information is never more important than when it comes to decisions about technology, and how the right tool can help your community improve its ratings, and provide the data and insights you need for a successful quality assurance and improvement program. That’s why RCare is attending the PEAK Leadership Summit in Washington, DC this year and offering a free cup of QAPI!

We’ll be at BaseCamp in Kiosk #36. Stop by and visit, and have a cup of coffee on us. And then let’s talk about QAPI.


Many CCRCs are hip-deep in implementing their regulation-mandated QAPI (quality assurance and performance improvement) programs. Leaders in these organizations will want to know about RCare’s newly revamped RMetrix reporting. We specifically redesigned it around the needs of communities who are initiating and managing quality programs. At RCare we like to say that if you can’t measure it, how can you manage it? RMetrix helps you measure important information about calls that will help you improve resident and family satisfaction, staff work loads, and resident health and safety, from basic call response times, to so-called “frequent fliers,” to comparisons among shifts, wings, and even different campuses.

The reports are extremely customizable, but we also want to give you flexibility to build your own reports with the included report designer. And if you don’t have the time or expertise to do it, RCare’s own business analysts can build custom-tailored reports for you. This is the kind of reporting that turns data into insight, and insight into action. When community leaders implement change in their organization, it will be data-driven. And its success will be proven with real metrics.

But that’s not all. We are also showcasing our brand new, safe area zoning, 3-in-1 GeoPendants.


Seniors don’t become wander risks overnight. They don’t go from functioning perfectly in assisted living one day and requiring locked unit memory care the next. What are the best policies and procedures when caring for people going through this slow transition? Senior living executives will want to know about RCare’s GeoPendant when they make these kinds of decisions.

RCare - PEAK Leadership Summit - GeoPendant and QAPIThe GeoPendant can be programmed with a “safe zone,” unique to each wearer. What’s more, that safe zone can be customized right down to certain hallways or floors, other specific locations inside or outside a building. If the wearer moves outside the safe zone, caregivers are quietly and discreetly alerted so that they can redirect the individual. This way someone who poses a slight wander risk can be kept safe even while enjoying the independence and freedoms that come with living in a least-restrictive environment.

The GeoPendant also functions as a PERS button. When the wearer presses the button, it alerts staff that help is needed. And the GeoPendant comes equipped with Advanced Locating Protocol (ALP), to let caregivers know the location where the call was made, so that help can be directed to where it’s needed.

Stop by Kiosk #36, have a cup of QAPI coffee on us, and let us show you how your nurse call system can help your community raise its ratings, and succeed in its QAPI programs.

PEAK Leadership Summit
March 18-20, 2018
Washington, D.C.
Kiosk #36
BaseCamp Kiosk Hours:
Mon, March 19, 9:30am-1pm & 4:30pm-5:30pm
Tues, March 20, 11:30am-1:30pm

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CMOS Battery
There is a specific “Cube down” issue that is rather easy to fix with access to a monitor and keyboard.  For example: power outages, or a Cube is reset that has been working for some time with no issues, and suddenly gets stuck in “Starting Up”.  This bulletin will explain the steps for repairing this issue.
If you get this “Starting Up….” Screen for more than 5-6 minutes it may be time to get a monitor and keyboard.  These must be separate monitor and keyboard that you can hook up via VGA, PS/2, or USB connection.
1)     Safely Power Down/Remove Power
2)     Plug in Monitor and Keyboard
3)     Power Server back up.  HD Cubes will have button on front
        panel. URack cubes will require technician to hold on Green
        Check mark button to power up cube.
4)     Let Cube attempt to power up.  If Cube gets stuck on failed
        (code seen below, then you have a CMOS battery issue, which
         controls the date and time settings on the server.  The server is
         attempting to load “in the future” because the server thinks its
         set to the year 1900.  This stops the start up process.  It only
         manifests itself after a power cycle.
5)     Hard power cycle the server again and when you see the
        “SUPERMICRO” screen below.  Begin hitting Delete key
        continuously until the screen goes into bios mode.  If you don’t
        hit the key in time, you will need to start back over at step 1.
1)     This will bring you to the BIOS Screen.  You will automatically
         be at the Main tab where you will see the date and time.
2)     Enter Day, Press Enter
3)     Enter Month, Press enter
4)     Enter Year, Press Enter
5)     Press down key
6)     Enter Hour, Press Enter
7)     Enter Minute, Press Enter
8)     Enter Seconds, Press Enter
9)     Use Right key to move to “Save and Exit Tab”
10)   Use Down key to select “Save Changes and Reset”, Press Enter

11)   Server should reboot properly

Replacing CMOS Battery:

It is a generic CR 2032 Battery dime battery.  It may be in a different location depending on the type of server you have.  Pictured below is an HD Cube.  You will not need to replace the battery to bring it back online.  However, If the server is shut down or rebooted you will have to repeat these steps every time until the battery is properly replaced.

At first this may be alarming, especially if it happens in the middle of the night.  But this document can be passed to end users as well.  If the front of the Cube now properly displays the facility name and the monitor is asking for a username, then you have completed boot up.  It is a simple starting up issue related to a dead battery that can easily be replaced to get you going.
RCare brews strong QAPI at the Quality Summit

What’s Brewing at the Quality Summit? QAPI.
Do you like your QAPI Strong? RCare can help.

Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) are on everyone’s minds these days. Because of new CMS regulations, QAPI is the latest watchword in long-term care and skilled nursing facilities across the country. No doubt your senior community already has an implementation strategy in place for moving forward. But here’s something you may not have realized: Your nurse call system can play an important role in the success of your QAPI program.

RCare is the global provider of advanced, wireless nurse call systems. We’ve designed our nurse call systems to give you the tools you need for your QAPI program. Why are so many communities overlooking the value of nurse call systems for QAPI? It might be because they’re not using RCare.

RCare brews strong QAPI at the Quality SummitNext week RCare will be in New Orleans at the AHCA/NCAL Quality Summit, to show you how the right nurse call system can help you strengthen your QAPI program.

When a resident pulls a cord or pushes a button on their PERS pendant, your caregiving staff responds. Are any calls missed? How quickly does your staff respond? How accurate and complete is their information when they arrive? Right from the start of an incident, RCare can help you improve resident satisfaction and the quality of care. And right from the start of an incident, RCare can help you gather accurate, actionable data.

The Quality Summit is the third annual gathering of long-term and post-acute care quality leaders. For three days they’ll be learning best practices, networking with other professionals, and educating themselves about the latest issues in quality and compliance for skilled nursing, post-acute, and assisted living providers.

RCare will be the only Nurse Call System provider at the summit.

Stop by our table, have a cup of coffee on us, and let us show you how your nurse call system can help with QAPI.

In your job, there’s a lot expected of you. You should expect a lot from your nurse call system. RCare offers the most advanced wireless nurse call technology, for large or small facilities. RCare wants to join efforts and support you as you develop your QAPI program.

AHCA/NCAL Quality Summit
March 12-14, 2018
New Orleans Marriott
Expo Dates/Times
Monday: 11am–1pm, 2:30pm–3pm
Tuesday: 10am–10:30am, 1:30pm-2pm, 3:30pm–4pm