RCare Selected for Exclusive Innovation Forum in Florida

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RCare Invited to Senior Living Innovation Forum

RCare is heading to Florida in June. We’ve been invited to be part of the exclusive Senior Living Innovation Forum. This event is for “the nation’s premier owners and operators of senior housing, who are leveraging bold and creative thinking to deliver engaging and distinctive care environments.” RCare was honored to be included in this prestigious group.

Executives attending the conference can expect to explore the possibilities for improving care improving care using innovative technologies, as the industry edges “from a real estate-reliant industry to one driven by technological solutions.”

At the peer-led forum, participants will network with other C-level executives from the industry, and showcase their latest senior housing innovations, such as the RCare BCube nurse call system for small campuses.

Dubbed “the best little nurse call system ever,” The BCube is a full-featured nurse call system designed for smaller campuses of under 128 beds, and priced for smaller budgets. The BCube has everything you expect from our most advanced nurse call systems, including detailed reporting and analytics. Caregivers can use our HIPAA-compliant RPhone smartphone handsets to receive alerts, talk to residents and claim calls with the “I Got It” feature. Residents can choose from our beautiful Pretty Pretty Pendant and Patriot Pendant push-button alerts. Sleek and attractive, they can be worn on neck loops or watch bands.

We’ll also be showcasing our new GeoPendant. This sleek pendant does double duty. It’s a sleek, attractive push-button alert device. And it can also be used to send discreet alerts to caregivers when a resident move outside of a designed safe zone.

We’re also excited about our environmental monitoring devices. Our nurse call systems can connect to a variety of remote monitoring sensors from activity sensing devices to floor pressure mats to bed/chair mats, to temperature devices to water detection devices.

Participation in the Senior Living Innovation Forum is by invitation only.The Senior Living Innovation Forum was developed to showcase owners and operators who are leveraging bold and creative thinking to deliver engaging and distinctive care environments.

Senior Living Innovation Forum
June 4 – 6, 2017
Boca Raton, FL
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