CC900 Tips

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We wanted to provide updated information based on some changes and things we’ve observed out in the field with CC-900’s that can impact the CC-900’s.
The CC-900 includes screws for a handset whether you purchase the handset or not.  DO NOT use them if you do not have a handset.  By tightening the screws down without an actual handset you will inadvertently put pressure on the unit that will cause the screen to crack.
CC900’s “Going To Sleep”:
There is an Android feature that is overriding our display time out settings that we have been unable to wrestle from Android.  Thus, these units may shut off or go to sleep even though the units are set not to.  There are two settings that need to be changed to avoid this.
Turning off Display Timer
1)       Swipe Down form upper right hand corner to go into Android Settings
2)      Select Display
3)      Select Sleep
4)      Select Never Time Out
Turning Off Screen Lock
5)      Go back to main Android Settings page
6)      Select Security
7)      Select Screen Lock

8)      Select None

DO NOT install the screws given for the handset if you do not have a handset, you will crack your screen if you go too far.  This is not a refundable offense; you have been warned.  If the screen is going black or going to sleep on you, a simple settings change can correct the perception that your unit is not working.