RCare Celebrates Our 10th Anniversary at Leading Age

RCare 10th Anniversary

RCare 10th Annivesary“X” is a simple symbol with tremendous power. Depending on how it’s used, it means so many different things. XOXO lets you end your message with hugs and kisses. The X button closes a window on your computer screen. You can use one to cross things out, or to select the right box. It’s the unknown in algebra. You can use one to sign a contract if you can’t write your name. X can “mark the spot” on a map. And X is the Roman numeral meaning 10.

RCare is celebrating its 10th anniversary at LeadingAge, and we’re using X to mark the spot.

If you’re in Indianapolis for the Expo, join our celebration. Come by booth #2418 and get a prize. That’s right. It’s our anniversary, but the gifts are on us. But that’s not all. We’ll also be giving away free RCare medallion necklaces with our X Marks the Spot logo. If we spot you wearing it on the show floor, we’ve got even bigger prizes in store for you: Kindle Fires, Amazon Echoes, Bluetooth speakers, smart mugs, and more!

And we have more reasons to celebrate at booth #2418. We’ll be showcasing our latest and greatest products including our new Pretty Pretty Pendants, our smarter, brand new #RCareMobile phone (HIPAA-Compliant, Secure NurseCall phone), and our new caregiver panel for the RCube.

Pretty Pretty Pendants. Who says pendants have to be ugly? It turns out, they don’t. Personal emergency response systems only work if people wear them. So we made ours pretty. Many people don’t even realize it’s a PERS worn for safety, because it looks like an attractive accessory. But it’s also a reliable call for assistance if needed.

RCare Mobile introduces a brand new phone for our multi-featured, HIPAA-compliant nurse call system. This is a system with two-way communication features that let caregivers know all about the resident who made the call, the reason for the call, and who is responding. It gives you all the powerful smartphone features you need – but none of the security risks.

Find out more about the new CC900 dedicated caregiver panel for the RCube.

And let us get you excited about interoperability! RCare now integrates with Point-Click-Care and Accutech, to give more efficiencies to your staff, greater ease of use, fewer user errors, and maximum information. And check out our integration with GrandCare’s system. Alerts triggered by GrandCare’s activity sensors and health devices can be received on RCare devices.

If you find yourself in Indianapolis for LeadingAge, make sure you come to the RCare Booth #2418 and join the fun..

LeadingAge Annual Meeting and Expo
Indiana Convention Center
Indianapolis, IN
Oct 30 – Nov 2, 2016
More details about the convention: www.annualmeeting.leadingage.org