RCare’s Success Shows Way To Global Revenue

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Recently, the 7th annual Upstate NY Trade Conference was held by Greater Rochester Enterprise Inc. RCare had the esteemed privilege of being recognized as a Case Study on how Rochester companies can find a niche in the world market. RCare’s founder and CEO, Myron Kowal, was on hand to discuss how his recent expansion in to the European and Malaysian markets have given him insight in to his work stateside. Kowal said,
“Some of the products that we’ve developed for the European market and the Malaysian market are going to be applicable to the US market, and I think we’ll be able to get more market share; it’s helped us develop new products.”
   RCare’s global outreach started innocently enough as a Social Media inquiry. Cekura, a company from Denmark, reached out to RCare and started the conversation. RCare partnered with Towpath Group International LLC to assist in the expansion to foreign markets. Managing Director and CEO of Towpath, Dulce Zahniser, had this to say about RCare,
“With regard to RCare we really found the poster child of our perfect client. We really like to see a very strong commitment by senior management; Myron had a vision and he made it very clear to his staff.”
   The GRE Conference showed attendees how businesses similar to RCare can be successful in the international marketplace. Leah George, managing director for business development at GRE had this to say,
“With the assistance now available through Global NY, the Upstate NY Trade Conference has truly become a one-stop shop for business leaders. A process that would usually take weeks and hundreds of miles of travel can all be accomplished in one day at the conference.”
   The greater Rochester area is 2nd only to NYC in the number of yearly exports in New York. RCare is contributing to New York State’s place in the global marketplace.