G4 Transition

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As we transition from the Gen 3 to the Gen 4 locating system, there have been some inevitable questions about compatibility that this week’s tech bulletin will attempt to clear up. While there are software changes that accompany G4, the changes are mainly upgrades made to the wireless network hardware and pendants. In short, G4 is backwards compatible and will work with G3 equipment, but G3 is not forward compatible with G4.


1) The servers, with free a software upgrade, are compatible with both G3 and G4 equipment and can run both generations of equipment at the same time.  However, the wireless network equipment itself, Locators, Repeaters, and Master Receivers are not compatible with the other generation.
2) The only changes made to any transmitters were the WTC Pendants.  All other transmitters will work with both systems.  Ex: There are no new G4 BP-7RWR Pull-cords.
3) G3 Pendants will work on G4 wireless network equipment, but G4 pendants will not work on G3 wireless network equipment.
4) G3 and G4 equipment look the same from the outside, so it is important that you check the label to ensure you’ve received the proper product.  Ex: LT-490 =G3, G4LT-490 = G4
Acceptable Wireless Network Configurations:
Unacceptable Wireless Network Configurations:
Acceptable Pendant Configuration:
Unacceptable Pendant Configuration:


Please use this as your first source for any compatibility questions. If you have any other questions about compatibility issues or how such a transition would work for an existing facility please contact RCare Technical Support at 585-671-4144.