Pager Notification Errors

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Notification chains are being configured with too many message receivers and too short of a repeat duration, which causes encoder queue logjams, caregiver burnout, and damages facility’s trust in the product.



Below is a comparison of the disparity between two (Non-hypothetical) scenarios that accomplish the same thing. Each has 10 CNA’s and an escalation at 3 minutes that adds 5 nurses for a total of 6 minutes of alerts. Scenario one uses common capcodes and a repeat duration of 90 seconds.   Scenario two uses individual capcodes and a repeat duration of 60 seconds. As each page requires approximately 4 seconds of processing, if the incident is not restored for the entire 6 minutes it’s the difference between 4 pages that takes a total of 12 seconds of processing and 75 pages that takes up the entire 6 minutes.   In scenario two, if you were to receive a second alarm during this 6 minute window it is highly probable that it will fail to send them on time rendering the notification configuration inoperable.



  1. Discuss specific notification requirements/expectations with facility prior to installation.
  2. Trim down your notifications by using common cap codes.
  3. You should never have more than 3-4 message receivers per link.
  4. Your “Seconds between repeat notifications” should typically be no less than 120 seconds.