JR-14’s & Crimped Wires

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Single gang back boxes are crimping JR-14 wires.



This defect will often not be discovered immediately as it will not snap the wire at the time of installation. The general wear and tear will cause pulling and friction on the solder joints on the ¼” jack wiring. If you have one fail, more than likely it will be present in larger quantities throughout the facility. It will also be impossible to detect them until the device finally loses its ability to restore. This awareness should be extended to anything that has exposed wiring/components, particularly that get mounted into a wall. For instance, Lobby Displays (LD-600) or wall mounted Caregiver Console’s (CC-800).



Be mindful of wiring when installing JR-14’s. This is not considered a product defect, but an installation error and therefore not covered under warranty.