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Single gang back boxes are crimping JR-14 wires.



This defect will often not be discovered immediately as it will not snap the wire at the time of installation. The general wear and tear will cause pulling and friction on the solder joints on the ¼” jack wiring. If you have one fail, more than likely it will be present in larger quantities throughout the facility. It will also be impossible to detect them until the device finally loses its ability to restore. This awareness should be extended to anything that has exposed wiring/components, particularly that get mounted into a wall. For instance, Lobby Displays (LD-600) or wall mounted Caregiver Console’s (CC-800).



Be mindful of wiring when installing JR-14’s. This is not considered a product defect, but an installation error and therefore not covered under warranty.


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Response Care, Inc. (A.K.A. RCare), is honored to announce they have been awarded the Rochester Business Journal’s 2016 Health Care Achievement Award Honorees in the Health Care Innovation category.

The Rochester Business Journal chose 21 individuals and two organizations (RCare being one) for its 14th consecutive year of awards celebrating the impact of healthcare innovation in the Rochester community.  The Health Care Achievement Awards recognize excellence, promote innovation and honor the efforts of individuals and organizations who are making a significant impact on the quality of health care in Rochester. The awards honor the best that Rochester has to offer.

RCare’s Myron Kowal, a veteran attendee of this exclusive awards ceremony, was delighted to learn his organization had been selected.

“I have been attending this ceremony for years and am delighted that I will be able to be on stage with some inspiring innovators in the Rochester area,” said RCare CEO, Myron Kowal. “I am proud of the RCare Innovative team for honing and releasing the latest in Nurse Call technology, the G4 Advanced Locating Protocol. This new, ground-breaking technology is ultimately what secured us the award.”

Since 2006, RCare has been devoted to improving the lives of elders around the world. Beginning in the Rochester, New York area, RCare continues to flourish and now serves facilities throughout the United States, Canada and most recently into Europe.

The honorees in all categories will be featured in the Health Care supplement in the Rochester Business Journal.

For more information on RCare, please visit www.rcareinc.com or email info@rcareinc.com

RCare with shadow

RCare with shadow

RCare, a leading maker of nurse call and senior housing monitoring systems, announced today the launch of a newly redesigned website and product catalog. The new site was designed for  easier navigation while providing an enhanced multimedia experience and includes new case studies, product videos, and user testimonials.The functionality of the website is significantly improved with the option to customize the visitor’s RCare model and features, with recommendations according to the visitor’s community type.

“We wanted the website and product catalog to mirror the RCare experience, with clear, concise, user-driven functionality from start to finish,” said RCare CEO Myron Kowal. “We’re taking a new approach to our catalog by making it a source of inspiration and information, while providing the reader a much more intimate view into who we are as a team.”

The new product catalog is a much more fluid publication with changing articles, testimonials, insights, and educational pieces designed for senior housing providers. It will highlight features, spotlight new innovations, and become an important resource for anyone in the long term care industry.

The RCare website encourages viewers from all aspects of senior care to understand the various stages of care, mandated requirements for safety, health and wellness as well as a view into our core values.  Visit www.rcareinc.com and experience RCare.

When a resident at Columbia Healthcare nursing home triggers their nurse call system, they get help fast. Every time. How do we know? We compiled a list of every call in 2015 and analyzed the data. The average response time was 2:56. That’s from January to December, first shift through third, day in and day out. The whole year. Just under three minutes.

But we dug deeper, because an average doesn’t always tell the whole story. When you go over to Bill Gates’ house, the average net worth of people in the house is a deceptive $40 billion dollars. That’s why, in addition to averages, we need to know how much variation there is in the data. Did some people wait really long times and others get lightning fast service? Nope. The wait times were very consistent. The standard deviation (the average distance away from the average wait time) was only nine seconds.

That’s how we know that Columbia residents not only get rapid responses, but that they get them reliably.

We could tell you that RCare is partly responsible for these great numbers. But we don’t have to.