RCare Mobile powered caregiver handset

The RPhone, powered by RCare Mobile, is a proprietary, locked-down mobile handset through which caregivers receive alerts and detailed resident information. The RPhone allows voice and secure text communications with residents and with other staff, and includes the “I Got It” button, letting other staff know who is responding to the call.

RPhones are designed so care responders can check in and out of the point of care. That means RCare can automatically track the time spent providing services. The care responders log the services performed and any care notes at the time of care, not later at their station where they may forget the details of the visit.

Why RPhone is better than ‘their phone’

The RPhone handset is completely encrypted and HIPAA-compliant. It does not allow photos to be taken, and does not have access to the Internet or any social media platforms. It connects to internal campus WiFi and will not function off campus, which protects private data. It is economical and efficient.

The RPhone allows voice and text communications with other staff including the “I Got It” button, letting other staff know who is responding to the call. This increases accountability, reduces alarm fatigue and ensures work–flow transparency. RPhones are equipped with NFC readers allowing responders to check in and out of the point of care as well as immediately document what services they performed for billing and accounting purposes.

Information Collected

  • Which caregiver(s) were notified of the incident
  • Which caregiver(s) acknowledged receipt of the message
  • Which caregiver entered the resident’s room
  • How long the caregiver was in the resident’s room
  • The services the caregiver performed
  • Caregiver’s notes

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