Advanced Caregiver Notification System

Improving quality of care without interfering with actual caregiving



RCare Mobile utilizes smartphone-like handsets through which caregivers receive alerts as well as detailed resident information and location. They allow voice and text communications with other staff including the I Got It button, letting other staff know who is responding to the call.

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RCare Mobile handsets are equipped with NFC chips allowing responders to check in and out of the point of care, effectively logging the time spent providing care. They can also document what services they performed and any additional caregiving notes regarding a visit.


Information Collected
  • Which caregiver(s) were notified of the incident
  • Which caregiver(s) acknowledged receipt of the message
  • Which caregiver entered the resident room
  • How long the caregiver was in the residents room
  • The activities that the caregiver performed while in the residents room
  • Caregiver notes



RCare Mobile gives care managers detailed reports on who is calling and when, who is responding and how long it takes to do so, what services are being performed and for how long. This kind of knowledge makes for easy staffing optimization and high efficiency across the community.

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