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To BCube or Not to BCube?

To BCube or Not to BCube?

That is not the question. The question is When?

It’s your first week on the job for a small caregiving staff at a 50-bed skilled nursing community. The intimate and family-like feeling of the community is what drew you in to begin with. And so far, you have met almost all of the residents and you like the small team of carers that you work with.

RPhone for the BCube has the I Got It Feature

The RPhone, with its unique “I Got It” feature

But, there is one thing that is frustrating to you. When multiple calls come in from residents, you are given no information on what to expect, what to bring and how urgent it is. On this Saturday evening, you receive two calls within minutes of each other, from Rooms 101 and 134. It could be a fall, a request for help to get out of bed or just someone needing a glass of water. The readout on the caregivers’ pagers simply shows the time of the call with a room number. You wonder whether someone is already handling the calls or perhaps most importantly, which resident do you prioritize to check on first?

The problem is that you need some more information to properly prioritize the calls. But you just don’t have it. You don’t know if it’s an emergency, or the resident history, or what to bring along, or if they happen to have allergies you should know about. You’re stuck in an impossible situation. You know you can’t possibly provide the best care without having the facts. So what to do?

Well the call from Room 101 came in first, so that’s the one you answer. But, your coworker is also there when you get there. Turns out Ruth accidentally pressed the button. Now two of you have responded to this non-emergency situation simultaneously, while Henry in Room 134 has slipped in the bathroom, is extremely frightened, and nobody is there to assist him.

RCare's Pretty Pretty Pendant and the BCube

Pretty Pretty Pendants work with any RCare nurse call system, including the new BCube for small facilities

If you work in a larger facility, you may have the benefit of a high-tech call system that can help you sort that all out. High-end advanced nurse call systems, like RCare’s flagship solution called the RCube, sends you all of the information you need to various communication devices, lighting platforms or even to nurse call console stations. Communities can go one step better and use secured, encrypted mobile devices such as the RCare RPhone to securely receive all information and have two-way communication between the caregiving staff, administration and even to the residents.

You can talk to the resident, gauge the situation, bring the correct supplies, reassure that you’re on the way, and prioritize. These RPhones also allow caregiving staff to claim responsibility using the “I Got it” feature, informing the rest of the staff that you’re responding to this call, eliminating duplicate efforts and ensuring accountability.

Around half of all skilled nursing facilities in the U.S. have fewer than 120 beds. That’s a lot of hard-working, compassionate caregivers who have inadequate tools to provide care, and a lot of seniors who don’t benefit from new caregiving technology and improved response times.  

But because you work in a smaller facility, you simply don’t have this kind of high end technology. Instead, you are stuck with a low-information nurse call system that gives you beeping pagers and loud intercom messages. It’s really not fair to your residents and to the caregivers striving to provide top-notch quality care. So, If the technology is available, why don’t smaller facilities use it? It’s because high-end, advanced nurse call technology is simply unaffordable for small campuses.

Well, that is until now.

Introducing the RCare BCube: Best Little Nurse Call System Ever. Designed, customized and scaled for the smallest skilled and assisted living communities, with all of the features of the big time advanced nurse call systems, at a fraction of the price. Now, even the smallest senior living communities can afford to have the best nurse call technology for their staff and their residents.

So to BCube or not to BCube?

That’s never been the question. The real question is, how soon can I get it installed?

The RCare BCube. All the monitoring, communication and reporting features of our large flagship RCare advanced nurse call system, scaled and priced for a smaller facility.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day originated as a Christian feast day honoring Saint Valentinus, who was imprisoned and martyred after performing weddings for soldiers who were not allowed to marry. It remains an important holiday to many people around the world.

All we know is, it’s a good opportunity to express your affection for the people most important to you. Sentimental? Sure. But we at RCare think these kinds of things are important. After all, caring for others is at the heart of what we do.

And it’s at the heart of what you do. There is no higher purpose, no greater calling, than caring for another human being. What you do for your seniors isn’t just important. It’s paramount. It’s the very core of what makes us human.

We’re very glad to be a part of it. It’s why we developed our new BCube. Roughly half of all skilled nursing facilities in the United States have fewer than 150 beds. Such small organizations have not benefitted from recent advances in nurse call systems because they could never afford flagship offerings like RCare Mobile. With BCube, now they can. We scaled our most robust and innovative technologies to fit the budget of even the smallest of senior communities. Why? Because we want every senior and every caregiver to have the best tools. It matters to us.

We know it matters to you, too. That’s why we think of you not just as customers, but as our partners in caring. So here’s a little love from your friends at RCare. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, your community, and your loved ones.

RCare Invited to Exclusive LTC/CXO Summit in Pasadena

RCare Invited to Exclusive LTC/CXO Summit in Pasadena

LTC/CXO Summit interviews Myron KowalRCare is delighted to be selected as a solution provider for the revolutionary LTC/CXO summit, an invitation-only forum for senior level executives and solution providers.

RCare CEO Myron Kowal featured on an interview by LTC/CXO:
LTC-Senior-Living-CXO-Summits-Response-Care-Case-Study.pdf (210 downloads)

We’ve got some BIG news to announce at the LTC and Senior Living CXO Summit (LTC/CXO) in Pasadena. We will be introducing our all new, revolutionary BCube platform designed specifically for small campuses. Using all of the BIG monitoring, sensing and reporting features of RCare, the BCube is a more cost-effective, efficient and scaled design.

What makes the BCube so exciting?

It’s a big-featured nurse call system scaled and priced for small communities. Advanced wireless nurse call systems like RCare Mobile are comprehensive and robust, designed (and priced) for large skilled nursing and assisted living communities. With their smaller budgets, we’ve seen that smaller communities are often priced out of the market for the new technologies that make caregiving safer for the resident, and more efficient for the staff. So we went back to the design table and came up with a way to give you the great features of our bigger nurse call systems, at a smaller price. All of the big capabilities, without the big price tag.

What else is new at LTC/CXO? We’ll be sharing our revolutionary new technologies that make RCare the leading advanced nurse call system across the world. We will talk about our recent integrations with EMR giant PointClickCare, wander management leader Accutech and telehealth and socialization platform GrandCare Systems. We’ll be showcasing our custom-made, HIPAA-compliant RPhone handsets powered by RCare Mobile to ensure communications are fast, descriptive and secure. We are also showing off our new sleek Pretty Pretty and Patriot Pendants. These beautiful accessories are designed for ultimate functionality with elegant style.

LTC/CXO is being held February 9-10, 2017, at The Langham Huntington in Pasadena, CA.

LTC/CXO Summit

RCare is leading the advanced nurse call movement across the globe with professional installation, support teams throughout the United States, and distribution partnerships in Canada, Europe and most recently in Asia. Contact us: info@rcareinc.com to locate your local RCare representative.

RCare Wraps Up 2016, Ready To Ring In 2017

RCare Wraps Up 2016, Ready To Ring In 2017

2016 was quite a fantastic year for us at RCare. We celebrated our 10th anniversary. We launched our Pretty Pretty Pendants for residents who didn’t want to wear an ugly and bulky badge of frailty. We launched the CC9000 caregiver panel, perfect for every busy nurse’s station. We integrated with industry leaders PointClickCare and Accutech. And, most exciting of all, we announced our revolutionary new mobile handset, the RPhone.

And that’s not all. We took RCare on the road! We attended tradeshows and events in Los Angeles, Washington DC, Austin, Philadelphia, Little Rock, Denver, Orlando, New Orleans, Indianapolis and Dusseldorf. This is not even a complete list of all the miles we logged in 2016.

Our terrific year did not go unnoticed. We were named one of the top 100 companies by the Rochester Chamber of Commerce. The Rochester Business Journal awarded us the 2016 health Care Achievement Award for Innovation. The Upstate New York Trade Conference called us out as a case study on how Rochester companies can successfully go global.

As 2016 draws to a close, however, we’re mindful of an important thing: we had a great year because of you. When we made new products, we made them because you asked for them. When we expanded into new areas, it’s because you welcomed us. When we received awards, it’s because you nominated us. So from the bottom of our hearts we thank you.

Here’s to a terrific 2017 for all of us! We can’t wait to share what we’ve got in store!

marcus evans Summits Success Story – Myron Kowal

LTC-Senior-Living-CXO-Summits-Response-Care-Case-Study.pdf (210 downloads)

“The Summits have opened up new projects and our meetings have resulted in sales. We get at least two clients from each event,” said Myron Kowal, President, Response Care, a solution provider at marcus evans LTC & Senior Living CXO Summits.

untitled-1How many new clients does each Summit lead to?
We get at least two clients from each event. We continue to build our relationships to explore new opportunities.
All of our sales go through distributors, so although our marketing and sales efforts happen here, once they become projects we hand them over to one of our 48 distributors in the US to carry out.
It is difficult to draw straight lines between meetings and deals, so we could have closed more business as a result of our one-on-one meetings than we know.

Could you have met these companies if you had not attended a marcus evans Summit?
They are new opportunities. Perhaps I would have eventually met these companies, but by the time that happened, they may have chosen another product over ours.

How effective is the one-on-one meeting format?
It is terrific. In most cases, the executives we are paired with have a myron-headshotgenuine interest in our product and what we have to say, and their level of influence on the buying process is significant.

RCare Introduces RCare Mobile To The World at MEDICA Trade Fair In Düsseldorf, Germany

RCare returns from the MEDICA Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany where RCare Mobile was officially introduced outside of the United States.  With RCare Mobile, long-term care facilities can provide their staff with all the functionality they require in an app-based call system. RCare Mobile provides all the smartphone features that caregivers need, and allows none of the features that put facilities at legal risk.  Winners of the Rochester Business Journal Award for Innovation; RCare is no stranger to bringing exciting new technologies to the world of nurse call systems.



RCare is the first company to introduce a smartphone solution for their nurse call system.  Currently patent-pending, RCare Mobile revolutionizes the elder care market.  In 2015, the European Patent Office reported that no other tech sector submitted as many patent applications globally as the medical technology field.  Trine Bjerregaard Nyvang, the COO of Cekura, said, “We are pleased to offer RCare technology to our senior housing clients in Denmark. We have a reputation of implementing the latest and greatest in innovative and comprehensive technology, which made RCare’s Nurse Call, PERS and Proximity Location protocol the obvious choice.”  The elder care market is growing exponentially across the world and RCare promises to be at the forefront of this surge.


RCare Mobile provides caregivers with two-way communication, complete information, and the unique “I Got It” function that makes sure every call is answered, and without duplicate effort.  After recently expanding to Canada, Malaysia, and Denmark; MEDICA 2016 provided the perfect stage for RCare to show why they are the world’s most advanced nurse call system.  RCare met with representatives from 22 countries with a high degree of interest in representing RCare as a distributor.  Myron Kowal, President/CEO of RCare, says, “European demographics in elder populations far exceeds that of the US in terms of percentage of population.  Although culturally, families have been taking care of elderly in their own homes, the numbers will necessitate the use of modern technology just to keep up with demand.”

RCare Selected for PointClickCare Summit

RCare Selected for PointClickCare Summit

If your senior housing or long-term care organization uses PointClickCare, you’re probably attending the annual user PointClickCare Summit in Orlando next week.

PointClickCare SUMMIT is fast becoming recognized as one of the premiere events in the senior care industry.
This year, more than 1,300 attendees will join for what promises to be the most amazing SUMMIT yet. See the full agenda and list of exhibitors here

PCC Summit is the best way to learn about the newest and most innovative technologies and practices surrounding this industry-leading electronic health records system. We’re going to be there. Because this year we are one of those new and innovative things. We’re redefining what wireless nurse call systems are and teaching the world that outdated pager systems are a thing of the past. Come see us at booth 507.

You may have also heard that RCare has integrated with PCC. What does that mean, exactly? When your caregiver responds to a nurse call activation, they have a lot of information on hand. Thanks to RCare Mobile, they know the resident’s name, see their picture, and know about their personal needs and preferences.

But residents come and go in every community. And they change rooms. We can be certain that your caregiver is responding to the correct room number. But are we positive that it’s still Mary Smith with mobility issues in that room? The lag between resident location changes in PCC and the corresponding change in other databases creates room for doubt. With our new integration, those changes are immediately synced from PCC to RCare, so your staff will always know who is calling for help and what their specific needs are.

This integration not only gives you the best, most accurate information when you’re responding to a call, it also streamlines administrative work for your staff. Resident room change data need only be entered once instead of twice. The syncing happens automatically.

Technology integration may seem like a nerdy subject of little interest to caregivers, but we disagree. Because this kind of nerdy stuff ensures that your caregivers show up at the right room–with the right information–every time. It saves the caregiving staff time, eliminates duplicate efforts, makes staff more efficient and makes everything run more efficiently. We know that matters to everyone.

You already know that RCare’s nurse call systems have been leading the industry with innovative technology, unparalleled user-friendliness, and HIPAA-compliant secure dedicated smarter phones call the RPhone. And now it just got better with our Point-Click-Care seamless integration.

Stop by and see our latest and greatest offerings at booth 507. The world’s most advanced nurse call system is calling. It’s time to respond.

Don’t Forget! We’re Celebrating Ten Years

Don’t Forget! We’re Celebrating Ten Years

RCare is ten years old. A decade! And what a great ten years it has been. We’ve expanded into 45 states, as well as Canada, Malaysia, and Denmark. We’ve been named a “Top 100” business by the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce. We won a 2016 Health Care Achievement Award for Innovation. And we’ve made a whole lot of senior communities safer and more efficient.

That calls for a celebration, so let’s party! Yes, we’ve got some things planned to celebrate the occasion at LeadingAge. Here’s what’s on tap:

We’re giving away a lot of prizes at LeadingAge in Indianapolis. Like more than $1000 worth of prizes. Want one? Just stop by our booth (2418) and enter to win. While you’re there, pick up a free RCare medallion. If we spot you wearing it on the show floor, you’ll win even more.

All that winning is thirsty work. Why not  have a drink on us? Join us at our Mix & Mingle at Champions Sports Bar & Grill. We’re partnering with our friends at GrandCare and Laura Mitchell Consulting to bring you this event. It’s Monday, October 31st from 7 to 9 PM. Champions is located at 350 W. Maryland St. in Indianapolis–an easy walk from the conference center. Get your free drink coupon here and don’t be late!

While you’re at LeadingAge, don’t miss us at this year’s Shark Tank. Competitors get 5-7 minutes to pitch their innovative idea to the LeadingAge “sharks.” Only the smartest survive–and win up to $250. We won that prize last year and we’re fixin’ to do it again. Don’t miss it.

RCare Celebrates Our 10th Anniversary at Leading Age

RCare Celebrates Our 10th Anniversary at Leading Age

RCare 10th Annivesary“X” is a simple symbol with tremendous power. Depending on how it’s used, it means so many different things. XOXO lets you end your message with hugs and kisses. The X button closes a window on your computer screen. You can use one to cross things out, or to select the right box. It’s the unknown in algebra. You can use one to sign a contract if you can’t write your name. X can “mark the spot” on a map. And X is the Roman numeral meaning 10.

RCare is celebrating its 10th anniversary at LeadingAge, and we’re using X to mark the spot.

If you’re in Indianapolis for the Expo, join our celebration. Come by booth #2418 and get a prize. That’s right. It’s our anniversary, but the gifts are on us. But that’s not all. We’ll also be giving away free RCare medallion necklaces with our X Marks the Spot logo. If we spot you wearing it on the show floor, we’ve got even bigger prizes in store for you: Kindle Fires, Amazon Echoes, Bluetooth speakers, smart mugs, and more!

And we have more reasons to celebrate at booth #2418. We’ll be showcasing our latest and greatest products including our new Pretty Pretty Pendants, our smarter, brand new #RCareMobile phone (HIPAA-Compliant, Secure NurseCall phone), and our new caregiver panel for the RCube.

Pretty Pretty Pendants. Who says pendants have to be ugly? It turns out, they don’t. Personal emergency response systems only work if people wear them. So we made ours pretty. Many people don’t even realize it’s a PERS worn for safety, because it looks like an attractive accessory. But it’s also a reliable call for assistance if needed.

RCare Mobile introduces a brand new phone for our multi-featured, HIPAA-compliant nurse call system. This is a system with two-way communication features that let caregivers know all about the resident who made the call, the reason for the call, and who is responding. It gives you all the powerful smartphone features you need – but none of the security risks.

Find out more about the new CC900 dedicated caregiver panel for the RCube.

And let us get you excited about interoperability! RCare now integrates with Point-Click-Care and Accutech, to give more efficiencies to your staff, greater ease of use, fewer user errors, and maximum information. And check out our integration with GrandCare’s system. Alerts triggered by GrandCare’s activity sensors and health devices can be received on RCare devices.

If you find yourself in Indianapolis for LeadingAge, make sure you come to the RCare Booth #2418 and join the fun..

LeadingAge Annual Meeting and Expo
Indiana Convention Center
Indianapolis, IN
Oct 30 – Nov 2, 2016
More details about the convention: www.annualmeeting.leadingage.org

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