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Everyone is a Winner with RCare at AHCA/NCAL

Everyone is a Winner with RCare at AHCA/NCAL

Everyone is a Winner with RCare at AHCA/NCAL 2017Every year when fall rolls around, RCare looks forward to the annual AHCA/NCAL Convention & Expo. Four days of education, networking, and being able to show off the latest features of our RCare nurse call and emergency monitoring platform, and help you see why everyone is a winner with RCare.

AHXA/NCAL is the annual gathering of the largest association of long-term and post-acute care providers in the country. The work that members do is so very important to the health and happiness of our nation’s seniors, and we’re glad we can support it.

Something on everyone’s minds this year is Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI). In a short time, the CDC is expected to issue regulations requiring skilled nursing facilities to implement a quality assurance and improvement program. Facilities have one year from the time the regulation is final in which to have their programs in place, which means now is the right time to be working on them.

Everyone is a winner with RCare at AHCA/NCAL

RMetrix v2

RCare can help. Stop by booth 748 to see RMetrix v2, our new reporting and analytics package which is native to every RCare nurse call system. RMetrix provides reports and data that help communities measure how they’re doing, and assess their improvements, the basis of QAPI. Call response time analyses, incident lists and exceptions, call distributions, and trend analyses, for example, are just a few of the ways RCare can help you make your QAPI program a success.

If you operate a smaller community, be sure to check out the BCube, our new nurse call system exclusively for small communities. According to the Nursing Home Data Compendium of 2015 by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, there are nearly 8,000 skilled nursing communities with fewer than 100 beds. These communities don’t require expensive, enterprise-level server hardware, but they do require the tools to provide the best possible care. Using a smaller touch-based computer, RCare’s revolutionary BCube is designed, scaled and priced for smaller campuses with 128 beds or fewer. It has all of the reporting features and advanced technology of the of the RCube, including the use of all the same emergency and monitoring devices, but at a fraction of the cost.

This year, we are celebrating that with RCare, everyone is a winner. From residents, administrators, caregivers, and facilities managers, our systems are designed to help everyone have the tools they need to provide the best possible care. Stop by Booth 748 to pick up your Bluetooth fidget spinner, take a chance on a bigger prize, and find out more about RCare.

AHCA/NCAL Convention & Expo
October 15 – 18
Mandalay Bay Resort
Las Vegas, NV

Expo Hall Hours:
Monday, October 16 | 11:30am – 3:00pm
Tuesday, October 17 | 11:00am – 2:00pm

RCare booth: 748

How Senior Housing Campuses Can Save Lives During Heat Waves & Other Disasters

How Senior Housing Campuses Can Save Lives During Heat Waves & Other Disasters

When the outside temperature rises, it’s not only an inconvenient situation. Heat waves can be deadly to older and more vulnerable residents.

This lesson was driven home starkly in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma in Florida, where nine residents died after losing power in their nursing community.

It doesn’t take a catastrophic hurricane to make heat a deadly problem for seniors. Nearly 400 Americans die from heat waves each year. “Most of them are elderly people who often don’t realize when they are overheating and in danger.” (agingcare.com)

This is an awesome responsibility that falls on senior communities, to prevent and respond to a potential temperature increase, even if the resident doesn’t realize the danger or severity of the situation.

RCare Temperature Sensors (TS9 and TS9E) to mitigate the danger of heat waves to seniors

RCare’s temperature sensors

Nurse Call Systems have come a long way in the past few decades. Caregiving staff are expected to do far more than simply respond to button and pull cord alerts. They need to be aware if a resident is in a dangerous environment, without the resident having to do anything. The technology needs to enable better, faster, and more predictive care.

That’s why RCare’s nurse call systems have gone above and beyond, to integrate passive environmental sensors, such as temperature and flood detecting sensors. RCare’s temperature devices will detect when temperatures are rising and start sending out alerts to designated caregiving team members. RCare allows for a quick intervention, before the situation becomes a crisis.

Passive sensors are an important part of a complete nurse call system. RCare is the provider of advanced wireless nurse call systems for senior communities across the senior care continuum. With the integration of temperature sensors, water sensors, and other environmental sensors, RCare provides care staff with the extra tools they need to keep seniors safe, even if the resident never pressed a button.

Join RCare for Cocktails at the THCA/TNCAL 2017 Convention & Trade Show

Join RCare for Cocktails at the THCA/TNCAL 2017 Convention & Trade Show

RCare is headed to the Music City Center in Nashville, for this year’s THCA/TNCAL Convention and Trade Show. We’ll be exhibiting alongside trusted integrator South Western Communications in booth 603.

RCare VIP Cocktail Hour at THCA/TNCAL 2017We’re delighted to invite you to our special VIP Cocktail Hour on Monday evening, hosted by RCare, South Western Communications, and PointClickCare. If you’re at the show, be sure to stop by the Decker & Dyer Lounge in the Westin Nashville at 6pm, and join us for networking, socializing, and a delightful evening. We’d love to meet you.

At the trade show, we’ll be in the South Western Communications booth, exhibiting our full line of RCare nurse call technology. Stop by to say hello to Gary Jones, our Director of National Sales. And while you’re there, take a look at our full range of nurse call systems, for large and small communities. Check out the exciting updates to the RMetrix Reporting and Analytics package that comes with all of our nurse call systems. And check out the new Enterprise RMetrix features, designed to help you provide the most effective and efficient care across all sites in your organization.

Base RMetrix Dashboard

The Base RMetrix Dashboard

While you’re there, you’ll also want to get a look at our new GeoPendant, a sleek pushbutton pendant that allows you to customize safe zones for each resident. Discreet alerts let caregivers know when the resident moves outside the defined safe zone, and lets you pinpoint their location. Residents get the independence to move about freely and safely.

For smaller communities, check out the BCube, our full-featured nurse call system, designed and priced exclusively for small communities and smaller budgets.

See you in Nashville!

THCA/TNCAL Convention & Trade Show
August 27-30, 2017
Music City Center
South Western Communications – Booth 603
PointClickCare – Booth 630
201 5th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37203
on Twitter: @THCATNCAL
on Facebook: @tennesseehealthcareassociation

Expo Hours
Monday, Aug 28 10:30am-12:30pm
Monday, Aug 28 2:00pm-4:00pm
Tuesday, Aug 29 9:30am-11:30am
More info

VIP Cocktail Hour
Co-hosted by RCare, South Western Communications & PointClickCare
Monday, Aug 28 6:00pm-8:00pm
Decker & Dyer Social Lounge (hotel bar)
Westin Nashville
807 Clark Pl, Nashville
More info

The Excitement Builds – Leading Us to a New Building!

The Excitement Builds – Leading Us to a New Building!

This year has been an exciting year for RCare. We keep building. Our product line, our market, our global footprint, it’s all growing and expanding. We’ve been introducing innovative new products that we think will really help our clients provide the best care possible. We’ve been hiring new staff.

The excitement builds.

And now we’re moving into a bigger facility. Want to see how things are going with our new space? Check out this video. Our CEO Myron Kowal takes you on a walk-through. As you can see, it has more office space, a bigger warehouse, and an expanded shipping area.

Building and expanding is what RCare is about. You may have heard about our new RMetrix reporting system and the BCube nurse call system for small campuses. And we’re not stopping there. We know it’s important that you have the best tools available, to help you provide the best care possible. That’s why we keep improving our products, adding new interoperability, and new features that we know you’ll love.

“When we began evaluating systems two major considerations were key – integration with our existing systems and forward thinking architecture allowing for future expansion. The RCare system and the fine folks at Sterling have time and again validated our decision.”
– Larry Lillo, Executive Director, Eastern Star Masonic Retirement Community

RCare has it all: from our high tech Geopendant to our variety of environmental sensors. We know it’s important to our customers that all the features of your system work together. That’s why we offer all the customizable components, and make sure they integrate flawlessly. From emergency transmitters and dome lights to caregiver tools and activity sensors. We have everything you need. Plus, interoperability with major technologies, such as PointClickCare records management, Accutech wander management, and GrandCare resident monitoring systems.

We’re expanding because business is booming! But don’t worry. We’re not sitting on our laurels. We keep thinking of other new products that will help you. Stay tuned for other exciting updates in the next few months!

Pioneer Network: Culture Change the RCare Way

Pioneer Network: Culture Change the RCare Way

RCare is going to the Pioneer Network annual conference later this month, and we’re extra excited this year. Why? Because this year’s focus is one of our favorite subjects: individual culture change. Nobody — caregiving staff or residents — wants their senior living community to be impersonal and institutional. We can all agree that we want a warmer, more home-like environment for each and every person. But how do you achieve it? We’re here to show how Person-Directed Culture Change can be done, the RCare Way.  

The forward-thinking Pioneer Network conference showcases all kinds of innovative best practices in the long-term care culture change movement. More than one thousand people will gather to learn, network, and inspire each other. And all of them care deeply about changing the culture of senior living.

This years theme, “Be the Future,” puts the focus on personal choice, dignity, and respect. These, as we know, are the hallmarks of self-determination and purposeful living. At RCare, these same values underlie everything we do and every product we design.

“We use the RCare system to ensure that the residents get the care and services they need at the time they need it, or as rapidly as they need it. It’s helped with accountability. It’s helped with efficiency. It’s really helped in terms of caregiver burnout. And it’s helped in terms of resident satisfaction and safety.”
– Janelle Zacho, Director of Nursing at Columbia Healthcare Center



Do you want your residents to retain their independence, and move freely throughout your facility, while staying safe? Check out our GeoPendant. You can custom-define the safe zones for any resident, and receive discreet alerts if the resident moves outside the zone. You can pinpoint their location and help them if they need it. Keep them safe and independent. It makes a difference.

Do you want to assure your residents and their families that calls are responded to quickly? Check out our RMetrix Reporting Package, integrated into every system we make. Supervisors can see data on response times by shift, by group and by person, to let you know how you’re doing, see patterns, and know where improvements can be made. It’s good for the care staff. And it contributes to the safety and satisfaction of the residents. It makes a difference.



Do you want to protect your residents privacy? With the RPhone, your staff have the best communication tools available. They’ll use locked-down smartphones to coordinate with each other, communicate with the resident, get more information, and reassure them. The system gives your staff complete information about the resident before they answer the call. You can minimize duplication of effort and ensure that no calls go unanswered with the “I got it” feature. And best of all, there is no access to the internet or social media, no cameras. It protects your your facility from the risk of privacy violations. It preserves your residents’ dignity. It makes a difference.

RCare can help you achieve positive changes in senior living. Come see us during the conference. We’d love to hear your ideas.

2017 Pioneer Network Conference
July, 30 – August 2, 2017
Hyatt Regency O’Hare
Rosemont, IL
More info

RCare Reporting: The Best Just Got Better

RCare Reporting: The Best Just Got Better

You’ve seen the advantages of RCare’s big-time native reporting and analytics. The free reporting package, included with all RCare Nurse Call platforms, gives you the information and call analytics you need by person, by shift, or by group. With it, you can increase efficiencies, identify trends, and improve the quality of care.

And now it just got better.

We have recognized the changing needs of our clients and we used that information to completely overhaul our reporting, customized to your needs. Introducing RMetrix v2, a revamped RCare reporting technology providing the most modern, scalable, and customizable reporting and analytics for senior housing communities with one or more sites. Here’s what’s new:

Multiple Output Formats

Output reports in your choice of format:

  • Display them on screen
  • Download them as PDFs
  • Export them as .csv files

Pre-scheduled delivery, or on-demand:

You can choose to receive the reports in scheduled emails, or get them on demand whenever you want them.

Built-in Reports:

RCare RMetrix reportingOur comprehensive list of built-in, pre-designed reports gives you many choices for what information to get and how. You can use filters like date, group, incident outcome, and more.

  • ADLs by Individual Residents
  • Calls by Hour
  • Incident List
  • Resident List
  • Call Distribution Across Multiple Shifts
  • Incident Exceptions
  • Longest Response Times
  • Frequent Resident Callers
  • Check-In Report
  • and so much more…

Plus, you will receive additional built-in reports with future updates. Completely free.


Our new reporting engine also includes a Report Designer. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for in our extensive list of built-in reports, you can tailor your own report. Don’t have time to write your own custom reports? That’s okay, too. RCare’s team can create made-to-order reports for you, giving you full-service, custom-built reporting for a low added fee.

But wait, there’s more…

  • Built-in graphs for easy trend analysis
  • Professional, branded report output

Now shipping:

This new reporting is a part of all RCare installations, and it’s shipping now. It’s just one more reason to switch to RCare’s comprehensive emergency nurse call and monitoring technology.

Are you already an RCare client? Contact your RCare Trusted Integrator to request an upgrade.

RCare’s reporting was already the most versatile and easy-to-use in the industry. And it just got even better.

Celebrating Independence with RCare

Celebrating Independence with RCare

In light of the recent celebration of Independence Day, we’ve been reflecting on the importance and meaning of independence for the birth of our country. Why is it so important? We see it in every stage of life. As kids grow up they seek and require more independence. As we age, our independence becomes even more important. We will do anything to stay more independent and empowered.

RCare's Pretty Pretty Pendant and Patriot PendantThis got us thinking, and we realized that independence is one of the foundations that underlies everything we do. More independence for residents. More independence for caregivers. More independence for administrators.

It’s why we created the Pretty Pretty Pendant and the Patriot Pendant. We know that community residents may need to call for help. And we thought, in order to have the independence and peace of mind that comes with a pendant, we needed to provide something that the resident wanted to wear. It’s a simple solution, and we’ve discovered that it makes the residents happy. And, it also makes them more likely to wear them.

RCare's GeoPendantIt’s why we created the GeoPendant. We know some residents need extra help being safe, but would like it to come without embarrassing alarms and bells. And what about those residents that don’t need those safety limits? How could we create something that could be customized, individually for each resident? The GeoPendant is a sleek push-button pendant, and it’s something more too. With the GeoPendant, caregiving staff can define safe zones for the residents that need them. That means, everyone can just go about their day. But if certain residents move outside their defined safe zone, care staff will be notified, and provided with the senior’s location, so they can offer assistance as needed.

It’s why we created environmental sensors. Community residents can rest assured they can remain safe and comfortable in their homes. Environmental sensors monitor things for the entire community. If something is wrong, for example the temperature is too low or too high, or a faucet overflows, the sensors will automatically send out an alert so that facility staff can intervene before the situation becomes an emergency.

It’s why we created the BCube, the best little nurse call system ever. We know how hard caregivers work. And we know that we can increase their independence by offering the best technology on the market. We’ve met a lot of caregivers in our line of work, and we’ve seen many working with outdated technologies, that hold them back from their goal of providing the best care possible. We realized that the most advanced nurse call systems, like our RCube, might be beyond the budgets of the smaller communities. But we think those community residents deserve the best care, and their caregivers deserve the best tools. So we sent our designers back to the drawing board to figure out how to re-engineer our best system for the little guys. And they came back with the BCube. It’s a full-featured, advanced nurse call system. But now it’s a good fit for smaller communities and their smaller budgets.

We value our independence just like our clients and their residents. We hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day. And we want you to know that, even after the parties have ended and the fireworks have been put away, we’re still here for you.

Why RCare’s RPhone is Better Than “Their Phone”

Why RCare’s RPhone is Better Than “Their Phone”

RCare wants to protect you with RPhone.

Social media is everywhere and while it’s a wonderful way for families and friends to keep in touch, it can also be an extremely dangerous HIPAA liability. But don’t take our word for it. Here are just a few recent McKnight’s headlines that will shock you. These are actual headlines. And they’re scary.

Nursing home employee charged in Snapchat video of showering resident

Officials face scrutiny after SNF employee shares photo of deceased resident on Snapchat

Nude Snapchat of resident leads to felony charge for SNF employee

What do all these cases have in common? It was staff members using their personal cell phones while working. Why? Because so many pager-based systems don’t provide the communication capabilities that employees need. So, they resort to their personal phones for staff communications which already presents a HIPAA risk. Add to it the temptation of using their cameras and social media and you’ve got a lawsuit waiting to happen.

HIPAA-compliant RCare RPhone nurse call system, not "their phone"All three of these cases all could have been prevented with RCare’s RPhone.

The RCare RPhone is a HIPAA-compliant, secured and locked-down mobile caregiving device. It eliminates the need for personal cell phones.

Investigation launched over Snapchat video taken by SNF worker

Tell your staff to leave their cell phones in their lockers. With the RPhone, your staff will have all the features of a smartphone, except for the ones you don’t want. No photos. No access to the Internet. No social media. No access to protected health data off campus.

What can RPhones do? Receive nurse call alerts. Talk with residents. Claim calls with the “I got it” feature. Receive complete information about the resident who called. Access data over the company’s internal WiFi. Collect information, including which caregiver(s) received the alert, who claimed the alert, which caregiver entered the resident’s room, the duration of the visit, services rendered and the caregiver notes.

The RPhone is better than “their phone.” It is completely encrypted and HIPAA-compliant. It does not allow photos to be taken, does not have access to the Internet or personal social media platforms. It connects to internal campus WiFi, and will not function off campus to protect private data. It is economical and efficient.

RPhones are equipped with NFC readers, allowing responders to check in and out of the point of care as well as immediately document what services they performed for billing and accounting purposes.

The technology you choose for your community could have a big impact on your exposure to privacy risks.

SNF workers allegedly posted videos of residents to Snapchat

Don’t let this happen in your community. Get personal phones out of the work place. RPhone. (Not “their” phone.)

RCare Nurse Call Receives STEP Global NY Exports Grant, Expands into Africa

RCare Nurse Call Receives STEP Global NY Exports Grant, Expands into Africa

RCare, a global provider of UL-1069 listed wireless nurse call and personal emergency response systems, announced their recent win of the State Trade & Export Promotion (STEP) Global NY Exports Grant. This program was designed to increase the number of New York-based small businesses that export goods globally, and to increase the value of their exports.

Africa HealthThe grant will send RCare to showcase their nurse call offerings at the Africa Health Exhibition in Johannesburg, South Africa June 7-9. This healthcare exhibition is one of Africa’s largest, with over 9,000 healthcare professionals in attendance. RCare was the only nurse call technology selected for this exclusive opportunity.

Myron Kowal, CEO of RCare, says RCare’s BCube system could have a huge impact on the care of people in Africa. The BCube is a full-featured wireless nurse call system, but is designed and priced exclusively for small campuses, which is perfect for rural parts of the world with a limited budget and smaller facilities.

“Rural and remote areas need the rich features of an advanced nurse call and monitoring technology, but their facilities are often small and cannot afford the price tag,” said Katya Kowal, Director of International Sales at RCare. “We are humbled to have this opportunity to enter into the African healthcare market with our BCube, which was designed just for small communities.”

For more information about the BCube, visit RCare’s BCube page.

RCare Selected for Exclusive Innovation Forum in Florida

RCare Selected for Exclusive Innovation Forum in Florida

RCare is heading to Florida in June. We’ve been invited to be part of the exclusive Senior Living Innovation Forum. This event is for “the nation’s premier owners and operators of senior housing, who are leveraging bold and creative thinking to deliver engaging and distinctive care environments.” RCare was honored to be included in this prestigious group.

Executives attending the conference can expect to explore the possibilities for improving care improving care using innovative technologies, as the industry edges “from a real estate-reliant industry to one driven by technological solutions.”

At the peer-led forum, participants will network with other C-level executives from the industry, and showcase their latest senior housing innovations, such as the RCare BCube nurse call system for small campuses.

Dubbed “the best little nurse call system ever,” The BCube is a full-featured nurse call system designed for smaller campuses of under 128 beds, and priced for smaller budgets. The BCube has everything you expect from our most advanced nurse call systems, including detailed reporting and analytics. Caregivers can use our HIPAA-compliant RPhone smartphone handsets to receive alerts, talk to residents and claim calls with the “I Got It” feature. Residents can choose from our beautiful Pretty Pretty Pendant and Patriot Pendant push-button alerts. Sleek and attractive, they can be worn on neck loops or watch bands.

We’ll also be showcasing our new GeoPendant. This sleek pendant does double duty. It’s a sleek, attractive push-button alert device. And it can also be used to send discreet alerts to caregivers when a resident move outside of a designed safe zone.

We’re also excited about our environmental monitoring devices. Our nurse call systems can connect to a variety of remote monitoring sensors from activity sensing devices to floor pressure mats to bed/chair mats, to temperature devices to water detection devices.

Participation in the Senior Living Innovation Forum is by invitation only.The Senior Living Innovation Forum was developed to showcase owners and operators who are leveraging bold and creative thinking to deliver engaging and distinctive care environments.

Senior Living Innovation Forum
June 4 – 6, 2017
Boca Raton, FL
More info

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